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As we live our busy daily lives, we sometimes forget to take care of our body’s biggest organ – our skin. Your face may be one of the first things you see, but we usually just throw some makeup on top of a canvas that’s likely in need of some TLC, and go about our day. When your skin doesn’t deliver that dewy, softened glow you once had and probably took for granted, and when rough patches creep in that you can’t seem to get rid of, Aiken Medical Aesthetics has a solution for that, the Diamond Glow Facial.  

Our Diamond Glow Facial Treatment is designed to be customized to your specific skincare needs, and provides the dewy glow, softened skin, and refreshed feeling you crave. This treatment will leave you loving life in your skin again – and it only gets better with each treatment you receive. Here’s all you need to know about our Diamond Glow Facial Treatments.

What is Diamond Glow Facial Treatments?

Diamond Glow Facial Treatments are a wonderful implementation to our clinic, and offer some of the finest, most immediate results a facial can provide.

The facial consists of cleansing the skin well, and utilizing a diamond-head fitted microdermabrasion tool that exfoliates the skin thoroughly, gently removing the top layer of skin and all of the dead skin that’s causing dullness. It also thoroughly suctions the skin to remove clogs from pores, such as from dirt, debris and makeup. The tool is also effective at removing blackheads, in most cases. Redness is diminished, acne improves, and the skin is left fresh and new.

How do Diamond Glow Facial Treatments work?

The Diamond Glow Facial Treatment works in a few ways. It exfoliates the skin, it suctions the skin to remove built up debris and clogged pores, and high quality SkinMedica serums are implemented into the opened, cleaned pores for a dewy dose of moisture, vitamins and botanicals for a fresh-faced look and feel.

The skin is first cleansed thoroughly with our spa grade cleansers, to remove dirt, debris, makeup, and bacteria from the skin. Then, your specialist will choose a diamond-fitted head to complete the microdermabrasion process that is custom to your current skin issues and concerns. 

From there, the head is fitted into the handheld tool, and it is passed over the specified treatment area on your face. Whether that’s just the T-Zone, forehead, chin, or full face is up to your specialist and specific treatment plan. As the tool passes over the skin, the skin is suctioned and cleaned/exfoliated with a solution, which is then collected into the bottom of a collection cup that is attached to the microdermabrasion tool. The pores are suctioned, cleaned, and the skin is exfoliated all at once. The SkinMedica serum(s) in which your provider decides is best for your specific treatment is deposited into the open pores, making it more absorbable and better able to work as it should.

Your skin will appear brighter, dewier, glowier, and the overall look and feel will be improved. The results are immediate, however, they improve with each subsequent treatment completed.

Who is the Diamond Glow Facial Treatment for?

The Diamond Glow Facial Treatment is for those who are looking to improve the overall look and feel of their skin.

Those who are dealing with the following could gain the most benefit from the treatment:

  • Clogged pores
  • Dry, rough skin
  • Fine lines and light wrinkles
  • Skin that doesn’t appear to absorb products well
  • Acne

On the other side of that same coin, there are individuals who should not receive Diamond Glow Facials, and those individuals are in the following group:

  • Those who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Anyone with a compromised immune system or compromised skin
  • Anyone with certain medical conditions – all medical conditions and medications should be discussed at your consultation with your provider before treatment begins

What does the Diamond Glow Treatment cost?

Diamond Glow Treatments vary in cost, but generally, they run anywhere between $150-$300, depending on your treatment area.

Your provider can discuss this with you at your consultation.

Common FAQs

Your provider will discuss your treatment plan with you and make recommendations based on your skincare goals. Thus, it varies per individual. 

Some of the possible side effects include redness and swelling, a scratching or burning sensation during the treatment process itself, and a temporary tightening feeling that will improve within a little while. In very rare circumstances, one may experience a severe allergic reaction or more serious skin irritation.

Directly after treatment, you should ensure you wear sunscreen on your fresh, new skin to ensure you won’t burn. Give your skin a day or two before applying cosmetics, as you don’t want to disrupt the serum from working and doing it’s job. You want your pores to be closed before applying cosmetics, so you won’t risk infection or clogged pores. You should avoid spending too much time in the sun and avoid tanning beds for the first few days.

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