Microneedling is a common procedure that can make a world of difference in the treatment of acne scars and neck wrinkles. While other treatments may prove to be ineffective and not quite up to the challenge, The Skin Pen is an incredible treatment protocol that targets wrinkles and acne scars effectively. 

If you’ve been feeling a bit insecure in your skin, you’re not alone. Many adults deal with the effects of their younger years and the acne scars that follow. Additionally, many women feel insecure in their skin as they start to notice wrinkles creeping up where the skin was once taut. Aiken is proud to offer The Skin Pen microneedling procedures in office. You can learn more about the procedure below.

What is The Skin Pen Microneedling Procedure?

The Skin Pen is an FDA cleared microneedling device that uses microscopic needles to prick the skin, causing irritation and inflammation of the cells. This causes the skin to jump to action in repairing itself, thus kickstarting collagen production which brings forth healing. This allows for skin cell regeneration over a period of time, and the results generally last anywhere from 5-6 months.

patient undergoing microneedling

How Does The Skin Pen Microneedling Work?

The Skin Pen is a handheld device which is applied directly to the skin. The treatment itself takes about 30 minutes per session, and goes to work eliminating wrinkles of all sorts as well as light to deep scarring from acne.

patient undergoing microneedling

Additionally, The Skin Pen can be used to treat stretch marks, stimulate hair growth, and target signs of aging on the backs of hands. 

The tiny needles within The Skin Pen get to work immediately, causing small punctures to the dermis, or, top layer of the skin. The small wounds trigger the healing process, which in turn activates those collagen proteins we lose with age. Additionally, the new skin that forms is left appearing more youthful, beautiful, and smooth. Generally, 2 to 5 sessions will be required, and there is virtually no downtime required.

Who is The Skin Pen Microneedling Procedure for?

Anyone who is suffering from the following would make a good candidate for The Skin Pen:

  • Wrinkles
  • Facial scarring, or residual acne scars 
  • Stretch marks
  • Saggy neck
  • Age spots on backs of hands
  • Thinning hair
  • Other scarred areas

Microneedling should only be performed on those 18+. If you have any of the following, you may not be a good candidate for microneedling and should discuss your condition with your provider prior to seeking treatment:

  • Skin cancer
  • Pregnant or nursing
  • Cuts, wounds or infections on the face
  • Hemophelia

What Does The Skin Pen Feel Like?

Your provider will prep your skin with a numbing cream or gel before the procedure begins. From there, you should feel absolutely no pain.

The needles are extremely small, and the chance of you feeling any sort of pain is slim to none. At Aiken Medical Aesthetics, our providers are experienced and will take good care of you, ensuring your comfortability every step of the way.

women undergoing microneedling with a skin pen

What Does The Skin Pen Treatment Cost?

The overall cost of treatment depends on how many sessions are necessary, but normally there are between one and three sessions needed to complete treatment. One session costs around $400 and up, and with a total maximum of 6 sessions, the total cost would be somewhere around $2,400.00.

women undergoing microneedling with a skin pen

Common FAQs

With The Skin Pen, there are multiple tiny needles on the head of the device which work together to complete the process.

Recovery depends on each individual and the area treated. Generally, it shouldn’t take any longer than 2 weeks to fully recover. It’s always best to schedule your sessions away and apart from any important events, such as weddings or trips. You want to give yourself adequate time to fully heal.

About 8 hours after your skin treatment, you should cleanse the treated skin with a very gentle cleanser and gently pat dry. You should also use a gentle moisturizer to lock in moisture, and sunscreen should always be applied if you plan on spending any time in the sun.

After your treatment session, it’s not uncommon to experience redness, burning, itching, and swelling for a few days’ time. Be sure to take proper care of your skin during this time, and use Ibuprofen as needed to relieve pain and swelling. The pain and swelling are normal and should pass quickly.

Normally, it takes a few treatments to really notice a difference in the way your skin looks and behaves once you’ve undergone treatment. Some individuals notice a difference after just one treatment, while others require a few good sessions before they perceive any real change.

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